Irene Viparelli

Ph.D. in Ethics and Political and Legal Philosophy (University of Salerno)

University of Évora

Member of the Research Center in Political Science
+351 266706581
University of Salerno

Specialist in History Philosophy and Political Philosophy. 

Irene Viparelli is currently developing a post-doctoral project titled “Beyond the dialectics. A confrontation between Negri and Althusser”, focusing her research on the problematic of an ontological foundation of the “radical democracy philosophy”. The hypothesis she is developing are:

1) It is possible to establish a convergence between the "French ideological tradition" (Althusser, Balibar, Badiou, Žižek), inheritance of althusserism, and the Italian “post-operist” (Negri, Mezzadra, Virno, Fumagalli, Vercellone), rooting it in a common “aporetic foundation”.

2) The convergence between the two philosophical traditions allows to interpret the current European crisis as being a complex problem, all-encompassing multiple levels of reality: ideological, political, economic.

3) The interpretation of the European crisis as complex problem entails the recognition of the democratisation of the European Union as the only way out of the current critical juncture.
Currently, Professor Irene Viparelli is an Editor of Perspectivas - Journal of Political Science.

Irene Viparelli’s research has been centred mainly in Marxist philosophy and Marxist tradition. Initially, Irene worked on the philosophical and political thought of young Marx, addressing the problems of the classical relationship between the young Marx and Hegel, and the Hegelian youth movement. During the Ph.D., her studies focused on a more specific issue: the influence of the 1848 revolution in the revolutionary theory of Marx. Working on this topic, Irene again had to devote herself to the classical themes of Marxism: the relationship between state and civil society; the repressive and ideological function of the State; the Leninist reception of Marxian theory, among others. Again, Irene could not escape from the confrontation between Italian historicism (Corce, Gramsci), the school of Della Volpe and the Althusserianism.

Viparelli, I. (2018). Oltre i limiti di Marx. Milan, Italia: Mimesis.
Viparelli, I. (2018). Tra operaismo e biopolitica. Genesi e sviluppo del concetto. Etica e Politica, XX(1), 53–75.
Viparelli, I. (2015). Althusser. La nécessité du « tournant » ontologique . Cahiers Du GRM, (8), 2–12.
Pardelha, I. P., Viparelli, I., & Ferreira, M. (2014). Actas das IV Jornadas Internacionais de Investigadores de Filosofia – Cartografias da Filosofia para o Século XXI . Instituto de Filosofia Prática - Universidade de Évora.

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